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My old GSX1400 K2
GSX1400 K2
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My old GSX1400 K2 Modifications & Spares

My GSX1400 was pretty much standard when I bought it apart from blue fly screen and oil cooler guard. One of the first things I bought, was a TRE (Timing retard eliminator) its a small device that plugs in to unrestrict the bike in the first 4 gears. Not long after the warranty ran out in July 05 I noticed there was a problem with the front discs, being warped and play in the disc's bobbins. I had both front discs and brake pads replaced at a cost of 212. I also invested in a set of Oxford hot grips, heated handle bar grip with adjustable temperature control, they are an absolute god send, riding in cold weather as never been so good! I got my GSX1400 to do a few long distance rides on, so I bought a set of Oxford humpback range of tank bag, tail pack & panniers, pics available on the other pages of this site.
GSX1400 oil cooler cover  Fly screen fitted  New front dics fitted on my GSX1400

Oil Cooler Guard          -       Fly Screen       -         New Discs fitted   

Also shortly after this in August 05 I tried to alter the rear spring preload and to my horror the left hand side would not go past the first adjusting ring, and even worse, it was leaking oil. I tried the right hand side, good news was that this side did adjust, but the bad news was that it leaked, and really badly, to the point it ran onto the tyre and rear brake disc. So after contacting the owners club for the 1400's, it turns out that the shocks are a common fault on the preload adjuster. I priced up the Suzuki shocks and nearly passed out with the shock, a staggering 711 + vat, a big price to pay when they are going to leak again as its a common fault. I then decided to price up some after market shocks, WP 4014's, a dogs dangly bits shockers, fully adjustable, with mechanical preload adjustment, so no more leaks!!

white rentec sports rack and WP rear shocks fitted on mt GSX1400 WP4014 fully adjustable rear shocks on my GSX1400 Rentec Sports Rack on my GSX1400 TRE for my GSX1400

    Shocks & Rack           -    WP4014 Shocks -       Rentec Sports Rack -                  TRE                 

I also bought a white Rentec sports rack for fastening my Oxford humpback tail pack onto off ebay at the same time. December 05 I got hold of a brand new front wheel found on ebay, as mine was a black one painted white and not been very well done either. The plan is to use the new wheel while I get the old front wheel paint removed repainted and rims polished to mirror finish.
Heated grips for my GSX1400white replacement front wheel for my GSX1400  Replacement left hand engine cover for my GSX1400

 Heated Grips -    New white Front Wheel  -      Rear light unit       -   Replacement Generator cover -
The next thing I got (also off ebay) was a generator cover, as mine was scuffed by a previous owner of the bike, which really did annoy me like mad. Also on ebay over xmas 05 I found a complete rear light unit, for the bargain price of 4.99, I didn't really need it but for that price it will save for a rainy day.
GS500E nose fairing for my GSX1400      Replacement 020 Tyres for my GSX1400      K&N Oil Filter for my GSX1400      K&N Air Filter for my GSX1400
 - Nose Fairing       -  Front/Rear 020 tyres  -       K&N Oil Filter          - K&N Air Filler -       
February 2006, I had to buy a set of new tyres as mine had worn to the limit, I decided to go for the same as was already on the bike, Bridgestone 020's, 205 fitted to the bike. Also the bike is ready for a service, I decided to go for K&N oil and air filters. Looking at the new Dutch spec Yoshimaru GSX1400, an optional nose fairing is available, looking at it, believe it or not it does appear to be a modified GS500E nose fairing, mmm, a quick look on ebay and there she was, a nose fairing off a GS500E, so I bought it, I will at a later date paint it up in GSX1400 colours.
Spare collector box for my GSX1400 Spare tank for my GSX1400 Spare collector box for my GSX1400 Spark plugs for my GSX1400

I found more spares, a new collector box, a set of Suzuki front brake pads and an accident damaged K4 tank on ebay, . I bought a spare set of front brake pads and a box of NGK CR8EK spark plugs.

 Blue Neons for my GSX1400 Blue Neons for my GSX1400
May 2006, I picked up a pair of blue neon lights (above) and put them on the tail piece on both sides

June 2006, New Tyres (020's) and new Chain and Renthal sprockets fitted and all wheel bearings fitted. Removed the TRE for improved fuel economy, now does 46mpg as opposed to 37mpg with the TRE fitted

August 2006, I've now fitted a 'Hel performance' oil cooler and 'Hel' braided oil lines with red and blue anodised fittings, my original oil cooler decided to spring a major oil leak when I went to Spain on the bike in July '06
New oil cooler for my GSX1400  New oil cooler for my GSX1400  New oil cooler for my GSX1400